DREW TABOR JMWest LIVE! Featured Artist

Posted by JMWest LIVE on July 23, 2013 at 2:50 PM

DREW TABOR – JMWest LIVE! Featured Artist

At the June 25, 2013 JMWest LIVE! showcase at The Roxy Theatre in Hollywood, Drew Tabor wowed audiences and executives alike with her performance, stage presence and professionalism.

In addition to delivering a great set and exhibiting absolute professionalism, Drew Tabor proved herself to be a perfect example of how to promote oneself through social media and take maximum advantage of every opportunity available to her through JMWest LIVE!


Drew was lucky in that she already had a huge online presence, via Facebook and Youtube, but regardless of your Internet following, you can still follow her example. 


First off, she posted the JMWest promotional flyer on Facebook on June 4th, giving her about three full weeks to plug the show.   She also changed her cover photo on Facebook to add text giving the details of the Roxy show.


In addition to having several posts reminding people about the show with links to the ticket purchasing page, Drew utilized YouTube as well, posting a video announcing that she had been booked at the Roxy.

Then, while in the green room, preparing to perform, she posted pictures to Facebook of herself backstage.


During her performance, Drew captured the crowd with her story, gave a shout out to Jean-Michel, JMWest and the other artists performing that night, and invited everyone to stick around and hang with her for a while.

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After her set, Drew stayed and networked, handed out free copies of her EP and business cards, talked to her fans, and encouraged people to stay for the rest of the night. 

Lastly, she posted a follow-up video on YouTube (and Facebook) of everything she did during the day of the Roxy show, and how she spent the rest of her evening. 

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These are just a few ways you can utilize social media to get the word out about JMWestLIVE! and your perfromance.  Drew had an amazing crowd of people come out to see her, and as such, she really stole the show.  If you follow even a few of these tactics, you should be able to draw a crowd to your performance too!

To see more of Drew’s JMWest LIVE! showcase promotional activity – or just to become a fan – check out her Facebook Page:

To see full songs from Drew's performance at The Roxy, visit the JMWest LIVE! YouTube Channel:



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