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REVIEW - JULY 21, 2012 SHOWCASE:Lindsey Harper, Taylor Carroll, MarBella, Sunday lane, Tom Norman, FeatsofFetus

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July21st JMWest LIVE! Showcase Review



Tom Norman

With his smooth voice and seductive lyrics, this kid really stood out. Despite some mild preshow jitters, Tom Norman quickly settled into a certain level of calm that meshed well with his acoustic rock sound. Once he felt the love from the crowd, who responded warmly, he really came into his own and put on a great show that impressed everyone.



Lindsey Harper

Lindsey Harper came out with loud, soulful, and powerful lyrics. Her band’s energy was electric; it’s fun to witness to a band that is confident and truly believes in their music. Her bass player jammed out on a ukulele--gotta love that! My head was bobbing to every song! On her third song, Lindsey brought the pace down with a ballad dedicated to her best friend that passed away. She had a lot of passion and sorrow in her voice, which really made it easy to feel her pain. Her fourth song shot right back up tempo, however, and really brought the house down with its fun, soulful lyrics.



Sunday Lane

When Sunday Lane first took the stage, my thoughts turned to how hard it would be to follow Lindsey Harper, but Sunday Lane definitely proved me wrong. It always amazes me how many talented bands are out there, and Sunday Lane is certainly one of them, with deep lyrics and a unique sound. Aside from their first song, where a guitar accompanied, the band was comprised of only a keyboard and a violin, an exciting change of pace. The two instruments made for a different, but great, performance that really complimented their voices. Overall, Sunday Lane delivered a very cool, slow paced sound, playing to their strengths and making for yet another solid performance.




Combining a number of different genres of music, this band is all about showing the world a new sound—a sound they created themselves. On top of that, all of their songs were sung in Portuguese. It’s almost hard not to like their music on that basis alone! Add a great voice and great musicians backing her up and you have MarBella. A really smooth guitar solo and some on stage dancing proved that this band loves to be on stage. They had a great time and so did everyone in the room!



Taylor Carroll

Taylor Carroll immediately came out with a hard rock sound using some hard guitar riffs and strong lyrics. The first two songs were quick paced and a lot of fun to jam to. There are not many negative things you can say about these guys and even if you did they wouldn’t change anything. They love their style and sound and this made for another confident on-stage performance. I really enjoyed the sound they pulled out with all acoustic guitars. Merge all this great guitar playing with a great voice that went perfectly with their punkrock sound, then throw in some excellent percussion and you have one enjoyable set from Taylor Carroll. One of their songs had the crowd singing the chorus with them – even those who had never heard it before! Despite all the great performances throughout the night, this band had the most energetic response from the crowd.





Before FeastofFetus went on stage, everyone knew that they meant business--based on their looks alone. With a name like theirs, it was no surprise when they came out hard. FeastofFestus were a real headbangers with some pretty dark lyrics. Individuality, as a term, doesn’t do this band justice; every person in the band brought his or her own style to the stage. And the instruments they employed were in keeping with this theme, right down to the accordion. What was most impressive, however, was their ability to combine everything into a very exciting, tight, and unique sound. They had one of the best drummers I have ever heard and they definitely finished out the night strong.

Great Job to all the bands!  You all put on a great show!  Thanks for being a part of the JMWest LIVE! Showcase!  Thanks also to Jean-Michel Soupraya and The Roxy for hosting the event.  Hope everyone had fun and I hope to see you back next month. 

-By Scott Newman



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Memphis-raised Taylor Carroll releases his four-song EP, The Damage, with each song, each instrument, and each vocal performed by the artist himself. Drumming for years, Taylor rounded off stints with Pillar, The Letter Black, Our Hearts Hero, and Grammy & CMA award-winning Peasall Sisters, with the production of a song for vocal training coach extraordinaire, Brett Manning’s Love Justice album.

Now joined by drummer Krislyn Woolley (Bread Of Stone, Shine Bright Baby) and guitarist Shae Padilla (KSM, FireSky), this trio is set to start recording their full-length album in August.


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MarBella is an LA-based band that fuses together a variety of Latin-American folk rhythms with catchy soulful songs. The band borrows lively elements from bossa nova, samba, cuban son, rumba, flamenca, reggae and boleros, among other genres, to create its own style. Its rhythmic structures are enhanced by sultry nylon strings with harmonic mellow tones, which make its sweet Portuguese lyrics shine even more.

The band was born in November 2008 with the purpose of creating a new genre that incorporates an interesting fusion of the genres that are innate to most Latin Americans in the world, and that will remind every listener of the beauty of the historic folk that these ageless genres represent. MarBella intends to spread a message of unity which is metaphorically conveyed through the fusions in their songs and their members' backgrounds. MarBella is Simon Carroll (percussion), Jeremy Bieber (guitar), Jose Pablo Peña (bass), and Caro Pierotto (vocals).


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Tom Norman is an up-and-coming singer/songwriter in Southern California. Born and raised in the Midwest, Tom dabbled in a number of instruments before finding his true passion in writing and performing songs on guitar with vocals. Growing up, Tom listened to a variety of music from blues and jazz to classical and rock. These influences can all be heard in his songwriting. So enjoy the stylings of Tom Norman and remember: life would be nothing without music!


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With an infusion of piano, jazz melodies, soulful lyrics, and a splash of pop, Lindsey Harper embodies what it means to be soulful. With her debut, “Living”, she had gained notoriety in the local and international music scene. She has performed all over the world as one of Selena Gomez's background singers and as an artist all over the country at notable venues such as Hotel Café, House of Blues, The Pasadena Jazz Festival and The Sundance Film Festival. Most recently Lindsey was featured singing the theme song on the smash ABC Family show “Huge.” She has also had her original music featured on VH1, MTV and TV Land, as well as the title track in the hit indie film “Loving Annabelle.”

FEASTofFETUS - JMWest LIVE! - JULY 21, 2012 - 8PM - UPSTAIRS @ The Roxy (ON THE ROX)

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FEASTofFETUS – Dark, heavy Art Rock with a dash of absinthe.

FEASTofFETUS is an utterly unique project from the mind of composer Jess Gabriell Cron. Fusing the darkness of Nick Cave with the heaviness of Queens of the Stone Age, FEASTofFETUS has been described as “what it would sound like if Lewis Carroll made music ” and “like strolling through a haunted Moroccan street fair” (Sum from and “a demented ‘Gangs of New York’ band” (Sean March of Dream Band).

The live performances are super-charged by the talents of Mike Caffell and Chris McCarthy (of Dreaming Dead), Ian Malcolm (The Milky Way), and Travis Kimble (Murderland), who bring the intensity and ambiance of the twisted and haunting songs to life. FoF has recorded an EP, two albums, and is in the process of creating the third. With a growing cult following in the Los Angeles area, FEASTofFETUS looks to continue making an impact with such songs as the disturbingly sexy “Diamond Encrusted”, the frenetic head-banger “The Man Who Loves Quilts”, or the epic mind-trip of “Metamorphosis: i, ii, & iii”.


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Sunday Lane is not your typical singer/songwriter who left Middle America for the City of Angels. A classically trained pianist, she writes articulate lyrics about social injustices in our society, young love, and growing up. Her soulful approach to songwriting expresses the depth of her musicianship. After receiving critical acclaim in her home state, Sunday Lane decided to pursue the only career path that made sense--music. Sunday has been playing some of the most sought after venues in Los Angeles and winning over new fans nationwide. A few of her songs were featured on the hit TV show One Tree Hill and its final season, and iHeartRadio selected her as an artist to watch. She recently released her first full length album "From Where You Are" which is available on iTunes.