JMWest LIVE! provides an eclectic, quality live music experience that appeals to music fans and industry pros alike - all in an instructive networking environment where carefully selected upcoming and emerging artists can maximize label resources and shine before, during, and after the event.

Eclectic - Quality

At JMWest LIVE! our goal is to consistently create mini music festivals packed with quality music from top emerging artists in every genre.  We hand pick each act through a rigorous selection process to make sure that the experience is equally satisfying for live music fans and industry pros alike.  In other words, this isn’t just some gig for your buddy – it means your buddy is really good. 

"I highly recommend attending one of these monthly events as it's well worth your time, money and a great way to see future super stars who are on their way up."

Trent "DJ Renz" Barry

Support – Exposure

 Here’s what we’re all about: we want to generate as much buzz as we can about the acts we book before the show, we want to make sure they kill it the night of the performance and then we want to help them make sure everyone knows about it afterwards with photos, videos, reviews, etc.  So, we provide production/set notes prior to the show and a comprehensive PR package – for free – to each act that showcases with us.

Discover - Vibe

 Because of the fun, hip vibe at JMWest LIVE! – a crowd made up of cool cats, ironic hipsters and regular ol’ people who really like music - there is something for everyone to discover.  Industry pros like the atmosphere because we hand pick only top notch quality musicians, who dig it because they can network with other awesome musicians and hang with their fans, who like to chill with the bands they came out to see while they discover even more good music.

“Think of it as a showcase for artist we would sign ourselves if we could.”

Jose Sanchez

Artist Development


 The Roxy Staff discusses JMWest LIVE!

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