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JMWest LIVE! - December 10th, 2013 - The Roxy Theatre

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Jubilo Drive is an alternative rock band from Orange, California. Inspired by the scenic landscape of Southern California, Jubilo Drive has started a journey to create music that reflects the emotions of the geography they inhabit. The band was formed two years ago at Chapman University, when guitarist Jordan H. Kleinman invited bassist Hayden Vaughn to come jam in his room. Shortly after, Kleinman met and invited singer and guitarist Henry Kuckens to write songs with them. When the band moved off campus the next year, drummer Eric Cruz became a permanent member. Jubilo Drive draws inspiration from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Strokes, Queens of the Stone Age, and Phish, among others. The band has concluded that their mesh of influences has resulted in their California sound. Jubilo Drive recently released their first self-produced EP, Redwood, and are currently in the mixing stage of their next batch of recordings.

Born and raised in Encinitas, California, Luke Williams is a 21-year-old singer/songwriter with a purpose to inspire others to discover and fulfill their dreams.  At a young age, Luke was encouraged by his family to start playing guitar as a way to curb his boredom of childhood piano lessons.  When he attended his first guitar lesson, his teacher discouraged him by telling him that his hands were too small to play successfully. Determined and motivated to create music, Luke taught himself old school classic rock riffs at home and soon discovered his love for the instrument.


In 2013 Luke will be releasing his first full-length album “From A Learning Heart,” which embodies the theme of encouraging others to do what they love and embrace who they are.  Luke enlisted the help of session keyboardist Jamie Muhoberac (Dave Matthews, John Mayer, Seal and The Rolling Stones) to enhance the organic sound. Luke relates to his fans by recognizing that “we are all only human, we make mistakes, we have heartbreak, and at some point feel lonely, but ultimately we are all in this together.”   His music is a soulful and hip contribution for spreading this powerful message.


Checkpoint Charlie is a pop/rock band based in Los Angeles, California and founded bysinger/songwriter Brian Aspinwall. From Aspinwall's warm, raw vocal melodies mixed with the thick and crunchy guitar tones of guitarists Jorge Sotomarino and Ben Bonomo, to the grooves of bassist Ryan Salhany and the solid rhythms of drummer Mason Amlee, Checkpoint Charlie is a force to be reckoned with. In 2012, the band began recording at the legendary Bay 7 studios. Working with the best of the best in the business, Checkpoint Charlie teamed up with up with legendary producer Mike Plotnikoff and former Yes keyboardist Igor Khoroshev to complete a masterful rock album.The band has recently mastered their EP with Howie Weinberg and the album is set in early 2014. 


Singer/Songwriter Caitlin Linney is quickly making her mark on the pop/country music scene. In 2013 alone, she released her debut album, opened for Josh Turner and Easton Corbin, released a music video for her single "Home," and sang the national anthem at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. To top off the year's successes, Caitlin won the Los Angeles round of KKGO Go Country's "Texaco Country Showdown"--the oldest and largest country music competition in the US.


While constantly striving to create her own unique pop/country sound, Caitlin has been heavily influenced by the various places she's lived, including her home state of North Carolina, as well as California and Tennessee. Her debut album, Home, is available for purchase on iTunes.


Hannah Mulholland is a singer/songwriter from Los Angeles, California. She started playing piano at age five, and began performing shortly after. Soon after, Hannah fell in love with country music, and started writing songs of her own. When she was 12, Hannah taught herself to play guitar, and the whole thing started coming together. Since then, she has also learned how to play mandolin, banjo, and the autoharp. 


Hannah has performed at venues such as The House of Blues,The Whisky, The Viper Room and Genghis Cohen. She also participated in the 2011 season of American Idol, where she reached the top 100. Recently, Hannah was cast as the lead role in a musical web series for Red Bull called "Exit Vine," which began airing in January of 2013. Her debut album is available now for purchase on her website, and for digital download on iTunes! 


Nico Adams is a colorful, high-energy, and multi-faceted pop/rock musician and songwriter. Fusing his childhood influences of Michael Jackson, David Bowie and Elton John, his unique style of piano driven pop/rock has surfaced as a distinctively inventive sound. Nico’s music is filled with poetry, vignettes, and characters, covering different avenues of life. His sound is energetic, soulful, and playful, yet his lyrics speak to the human heart--of loved gained and love lost. He currently resides in Southern California, performing weekly at colleges, clubs, festivals and charities.

After graduating from UCLA with a musical theater degree, self dubbed "Soul Folk" artist Katie Boeck toured India as part of anall girl pop group. Making her way back to Los Angeles with a handful oforiginals, Katie cut her teeth into every major acoustic venue that New YorkCity and Los Angeles had to offer and recently raised over $5,000 on Kickstarter for her long-anticipated debut album, expected to be released February of 2014. A mix of a modern-day Joni Mitchell and a female John Mayer, Katie is the perfect combination of roots-y confessional folk with a contemporary, soulful freshness.

Belle Rousse is a southern singer-songwriter, currently spreading her magic around Los Angeles. She is a young woman of great optimism and talent, with a boundless enthusiasm for life, and a vision of setting hearts on fire all over the world with her music and her story.

Belle's drive, passion, self-confidence, and commitment propelled her to drop her southern lifestyle and drive across the country to Los Angeles to pursue her musical ambitions. In the one year that she has been in Los Angeles, she has performed at The House of Blues, The Mint, and The Guitar Merchant, among others.

Her first EP, "Expressionate," will be released in 2014. Of the project, music blogger John Irvin writes: “Belle covers a range of styles from folk blues to indie rock to even the occasional ethereal ballad...her songwriting delivers the widest range of moods and unleashes the most personal creativity.”



JMWest LIVE! - JUNE 25, 2013 Showcase Review

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JMWest LIVE! - JUNE 25th Showcase Reveiw

By Keena Batti

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JMWest LIVE! presented yet another fantastic show on June 25th,t his time on the main stage of the Roxy. This was the three-year anniversary of the independent record label’s monthly showcases, so JMWest LIVE pulled out all the stops.

YouTube sensation Drew Tabor kicked off the evening with her beautiful voice and heart felt original songs. Her opening number, “Santa Monica,” instantly captivated her audience with its simple, yet striking lyrics: “You don’t understand I hate this place/You don’t understand I need my space.” Towards the end of her set, Drew played her YouTube hit, a cover of Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass,” but she ended the evening with her own version of a love song, “Magnetic Heart.”

Singer/songwriter Danielle Erin was up next, taking the stage with an additional guitarist to accompany her. She started off with an original, up beat song that was perfect for summer evening. She then went into a Don Henly cover—“Heart of the Matter”—which took on a whole new, creative vibe with Danielle’s powerful, jazzy voice. Danielle closed out her set with “Get Out of My Kitchen,” a song that really allowed Danielle to showcase her neo-soul abilities.

Following Danielle was soul singer Andre DePriest. Backed by a full band and DJ, DePriest brought a great R&B/funk sound to the Roxy stage. DePriest’s songs, while wonderfully contemporary, still called to mind the Motown music of the 50’s and 60’s. DePriest ended the set with a cover of Musiq Soulchild’s “Just Friends,” the song that inspired DePriest to be asinger.

Then, JMWest signed artist JUSTICE sang her Billboard hit song “By My Side” to continue the anniversary celebrations, once again proving why her song is moving up the charts.

Next up was Russian artist Tatiana Archangel, who took the stage with only a guitar and a percussionist. That was all Tatiana needed to fill the room with beautiful, authentic Russian music, however. Singing lyrics like, “No one will ever hold me like this again,” Tatiana had the whole room dancing and swaying. Despite the fact that some of her lyrics were in Russian, she never lost the audience’s attention, proving that music is an international language.

JMWest LIVE! regular Hannah Anders and the Hannah Anders Band played next. Hannah performed at the very first JMWest LIVE! showcase, and her performance showed just why she keeps getting invited back.  Her high-energy, country songs had the whole room singing along to lyrics like, “Hell yeah, turn it up!” Hannah’s confident stage presence kept all eyes on her throughout her set filled with down-home, country rock music.

Brazilian band MarBella followed Hannah, once again bringing the music of a different culture to the main stage. Their Latin American rhythms fused with samba and bossanova were wonderfully reminiscent of other big bands like Pink Martini. With a singer, classical guitar, keys, drums, anda bass ukelele, MarBelle created a beautifully unique sound for the Roxy audience.

Closing out the night were three Russian-influenced bands, Proseka, Bratana and Long Day Too Short. Their high volume sets kept the energy goinginto the early morning hours and certainly ended the evening on a high note.

June’s showcase was truly a celebration of how much JMWestLIVE has grown over the past three years. We hope to see you all at the next showcase on Thursday August 15, 2013, 7:30PM,  back at The Roxy Theatre mainstage for another night filled with fantastic live music!




DREW TABOR JMWest LIVE! Featured Artist

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DREW TABOR – JMWest LIVE! Featured Artist

At the June 25, 2013 JMWest LIVE! showcase at The Roxy Theatre in Hollywood, Drew Tabor wowed audiences and executives alike with her performance, stage presence and professionalism.

In addition to delivering a great set and exhibiting absolute professionalism, Drew Tabor proved herself to be a perfect example of how to promote oneself through social media and take maximum advantage of every opportunity available to her through JMWest LIVE!


Drew was lucky in that she already had a huge online presence, via Facebook and Youtube, but regardless of your Internet following, you can still follow her example. 


First off, she posted the JMWest promotional flyer on Facebook on June 4th, giving her about three full weeks to plug the show.   She also changed her cover photo on Facebook to add text giving the details of the Roxy show.


In addition to having several posts reminding people about the show with links to the ticket purchasing page, Drew utilized YouTube as well, posting a video announcing that she had been booked at the Roxy.

Then, while in the green room, preparing to perform, she posted pictures to Facebook of herself backstage.


During her performance, Drew captured the crowd with her story, gave a shout out to Jean-Michel, JMWest and the other artists performing that night, and invited everyone to stick around and hang with her for a while.

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After her set, Drew stayed and networked, handed out free copies of her EP and business cards, talked to her fans, and encouraged people to stay for the rest of the night. 

Lastly, she posted a follow-up video on YouTube (and Facebook) of everything she did during the day of the Roxy show, and how she spent the rest of her evening. 

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These are just a few ways you can utilize social media to get the word out about JMWestLIVE! and your perfromance.  Drew had an amazing crowd of people come out to see her, and as such, she really stole the show.  If you follow even a few of these tactics, you should be able to draw a crowd to your performance too!

To see more of Drew’s JMWest LIVE! showcase promotional activity – or just to become a fan – check out her Facebook Page:

To see full songs from Drew's performance at The Roxy, visit the JMWest LIVE! YouTube Channel:



May 25th, 2013 - JMWest LIVE! Showcase Review by Keena Batti

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JMWest LIVE took over On The Rox again on May 25th, 2013—and for the last time! May’s showcase artists proved that they have too much energy for the upstairs venue; next month, JMWest Live will be moving toThe Roxy’s main stage!

First up was Columbian artist Daniel Jimenez Afanador, backed by his incredible band. The septet combined an alternative, slightly aesthetic sound with Spanish language influences, creating a uniquely authentic sound.  The band’s guitarist took some solos that showed his talent and added a grittiness to the band’s overall sound. Lyrics like “We all want to be the same/We all want to have a name/We all want to fall in love,” had the audience moving to Daniel and his band mates.

Next, AJ the Kid kept the energy going with his catchy backing tracks and on-point rapping. With his first song, AJ declared, “Hope your speaker’s on, I plan to take them higher”—and he certainly did not disappoint. After getting the crowd completely involved in his lyrics, and even walking into his adoring audience, AJ ended his set by inviting a guitarist onto stage and adding some serious distortion to his sound.

San Diego-based band Danny and the Tramp then took the stage with their feel-good attitude. The guys seemed totally comfortable with each other, playing a new original song in front of an audience for the first time with complete ease.  By the time Danny and the Tramp got to their last song, American Dream, the band had the entire crowd singing along to their catchy, anthemic tune.

JMWest signed artist RuZanna was up next, singing two of her beautiful songs to introduce the “Russians On The Rox” portion of the evening.  RuZanna’s voice seamlessly transitioned between sultry gentleness and unmistakable power, keeping all eyes on her.  Her honest lyrics and slight Kazakhstani accent was the perfect, tender prelude to the memorial that was to follow.

Tatiana Archangel ushered in the final portion of the evening, a loving tribute to former JMWest LIVE performer, Igor Khramov. Igor, who tragically passed away this past March, was respected by all in the Russian music community. In order to pay tribute to his memory, Tatiana, along with several other Russian bands, played some of Igor’s favorite songs, as well assome of his moving originals. From hardcore metal to traditional Russian music,Tatiana Achangel, Afrofena, Proseka, Bratana and Long Day Too Short each, in turn, honored Igor in their own, unique way with their own, unique sound. The audience, filled with Igor’s friends and family, seemed to agree a night filled with music was perfect way to remember a man who truly enjoyed sharing music with everyone.

Be sure to check out next month’s show on TUESDAY June 25th, 2013 DOWNSTAIRS on the main stage of The Roxy!



"JMWest LIVE! - April 27, 2013 Showcase Review" by Keena Batti

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On The Rox was packed on Saturday night, April 27th—all to see the amazing line up hand selected for JMWest Live by Jean-Michel Soupraya.

The night started off with one-man act Nominee, whose high energy quickly set the tone for the whole evening. Performing with a tightly arranged background track featuring electronic arpeggios and two part harmonies, Nominee engaged the crowd with his inter-song banter and catchy choruses. His songs, “Welcome To Los Angeles,” “On Top Of The World,” and “Just Tonight” helped prove his parting point—“I am nominee. I always will be.”

Next up was Swiss songstress, Scilla. Backed by a DJ and keyboardist, Scilla’s sassy attitude and spunky lyrics kept all eyes on her. Her self-penned lyrics ( “Maybe I’m mean, but isn’t that what you like about me?” ) showed that this soprano isn’t afraid to be honest—and a little tongue and cheek.  With her cover of Etta James “At Last” and her encore performance of ChristinaAguilara’s “Just a Fool,” Scilla proved that she can put her unique, creative spin on both the old and the new.

Lauren Grace and her band Grace took to the stage next.  Although only a trio—guitar, bass, and drums—their grungy, garage rock filled the whole room with a gritty sound. Lauren’s nicely manicured nails and shiny Telecaster didn’t keep her from keeping things bluesy and rough, playing twangy barre chords and sipping Bacardi in between songs. While her drummer moved to guitar and played some screaming solos, and her bass player skillfully riffed, Lauren moved to the drums for an original take on Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game.”

JMWest Entertainment signed artist JUSTICE was up next. To the surprise of no one, she sang through her set with complete ease, hitting every note and entrancing her audience with her sultry moves. Hope Easton’s beautiful cello melodies on “Vampire Eyes” and “Feel The Light,” provided lovely low tones to the live performance. JUSTICE’s last song, “By My Side,” got the crowd swaying to its calypso rhythms and reminded everyone why the track is racing up the Top 40 charts and racking up views on YouTube.

Russian band Proseka hit the stage next, filling On the Rox, possibly for the first time, with the Slavic sounds of the USSR. With two guitars, a five-string bass, a talented keyboardist, and a solid drummer, Proseka played some truly Russian tunes, including “Oblaka” and “Farmer’s Blues.”   Proseka was sure to include the non-Muscovites, however, with a unique take on Bob Dylan’s “Knocking on Heaven’s Door.”   With a clearly adoring fan-base, Proseka left On The Rox feeling like czars.

Tiffany Anne Jordan closed the night, once again proving that a trio can provide a huge amount of sound and energy.  Tiffany’s catchy lyrics ( “If you want to be my lover, take my hand and help me get better” ) kept the crowd totally engaged and begging for more. Tiffany’s cute style and playful demeanor ( she blew bubbles on her fans! ) was an interesting juxtaposition to this contralto’s deep voice reminiscent of Fiona Apple.

SPOILER ALERT: Next month’s showcase promises to be just as eclectic and exciting as the last! We look forward to seeing you next month, May 25th, at On The Rox!



JMWest LIVE! AnnouncesLine-Up for April 27th 2013 showcase at The Roxy, On The Rox.

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JMWest LIVE! – Presented by Beverly Hills based record label JMWest Entertainment – released the official line up for the April 27th showcase at The Roxy VIP Lounge, On The Rox.  These monthly mini-music festivalsshowcase up and coming, ripe to sign talent hand-picked by recordproducer/songwriter, Jean-MichelSoupraya.


Co-headlining the evening areTop 40 female pop recording artist, JUSTICE, and Russian band, Proseka.  Local artists Tiffany Ann Jordan,Lauren Grace, Nominee, and “Switzerland’s Got Talent” contestant, Scilla,finish out the line up.


JUSTICE,born Lauren JUSTICE, is a dynamic pop recording artist with vocal prowesslikened to iconic songstresses Adele and Amy Winehouse. Her debut single"Find A Way" reached #30 on the TOP 40 Billboard Indicator Chart. Her recently released single "By My Side" is gaining mediaattention, and the accompanying music video has over 600,000 views on YouTube.JUSTICE is currently recording her full EP with record producer Jean-MichelSoupraya and draws her inspiration across genres and decades. Collaborationswith some of the worlds top musicians contrive to further differentiate thisnew exciting natural talent.  Combine all this with her fun loving spirit,her captivating full stage performances and her unmistakable sex appeal and youhave JUSTICE. 

"I just love (an) oldschool vibe.  What I try to do with my music is bring that kind of sultryvibe with a hot, modern beat."

Follow her on Facebook @

or for more information, visit,

Proseka is a Russian band basedin LA - Женя Шевченко (guitar,voice), Вахе Агазарян (Keyboard, piano), Артур Лев (Bass guitar), Саша Дитер (solo guitar), JennGarrison (back vocals) - think

JohnnyCash meets Guns'n'Roses in Russian! 


A local Native Lady of LosAngeles, Tiffany Jordan has beeninvolved with the local arts scene from a young age. Writing her own music forherself and others, she's best described as a modern day vocal mash up ofBillie Holiday and Janis Joplin. Tiffany is an original work of art, andlistening to her vocal skills will captivate you and leave you wanting more.Special thanks and gratitude to all the supporters and the opportunity given toher tonight.


Lauren Grace is a self taught singer/songwriter/ musician who is known in thelocal LA and OC music scene for her solo acoustic shows. Currentlycollaborating with friends Francisco Deppe on drums and Ryan Herrin on bass.The three native Los Angeleans combined result in a mixture of rock, blues,soul, and alternative with originality that gets you listening and a feeling offamiliarity that gets you moving.  For more information on Lauren Graceand to keep up with future shows hit "Like" on:  To listen to Lauren Grace music visit: [email protected]


Born in Lugano,Switzerland, Scilla moved to the USin 2010 and quickly established herself by earning degrees from both theMusician's Institute and UCLA. She had already made her mark in Europe, havingbeen on several major radio and TV shows including "Switzerland's GotTalent" in 2012. She was singing opera at age twelve at theSwiss-Italian Conservatory before exploring other genres such as pop, rock,R&B, blues, and musical theater at the Academy of Voice in Milan. Sheis now pursuing her career as a singer/songwriter in Los Angelesand performs in various clubs and venues. You can check out her music at


Witha unique sound and powerful lyrics, Nominee brings a new light to the R&B world,fusing the popular 808 with the soulful poetics of a beat poet. Nominee's"Justin Timberlake and Drake meet Usher" voice and flow mixes with anew twist on commercial R&B beats. With influences ranging fromN'Sync, Michael Jackson, and John Mayer, Nominee's first all original project,"The Variety Show" was released in July 2012, followed up byhis first cohesive studio Album, " I AM Nominee," released onNovember 23rd, 2012. He is currently working on two projects simultaneously, ahip-hop mixtape "Welcome to Los Angeles" and the second installmentof the "I AM" series, "I AM Gemini" both due to be releasedsometime in 2013.





Kylie Marcus, The Beat Kidz, & The Ryans: JMWest LIVE! - Feb 16, 2013 8PM - ON THE ROX

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We are delighted to introduce three terrific emerging acts as we welcome them to their first JMWest LIVE! performance:


Kylie Marcus


In Scorpio season of '92, a baby girl was born with microphone in hand and passion running through her veins . Kylie Marcus' love of music was never subtle; from her trademark sound to her funky attitude, she has always separated herself from the average girl. Kylie has written, co-produced, recorded, and played her own melodies on the piano since she was a young girl. As a pre-teen, Kylie began performing in musical competitions and headed into the studio. Her love for the art progressed through her high school years, when she joined chorus and excelled in jazz, R&B, and the classical singing genre. Kylie's life was changed when she took her musical talents to the next level through musical theatre performance and competition, getting lead roles and prestigious awards in virtually everything she performed in (Glinda in The Wizard of Oz, Rona in 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, and Mother Superior in Sound of Music, to name a few). Kylie is currently enrolled in Columbia College Chicago pursuing a Contemporary Urban Pop major, performing at countless open mics and releasing her new demo. 

      Kylie Marcus expresses herself confidently through her lyrics and melodies, which are inspired by everyday events in her life. Although she surrounds herself with her closest friends, she also constantly explores as many foreign situations so she can appeal to all backgrounds, cultures, and people. Living in one of the most diverse cities in America--Chicago--has allowed her music to reach an entirely new level. She feels so blessed and privileged to be able to pursue music. Through dedication, a strong support system, and a "die-hard" mentality, Kylie has pushed herself past all limits. She lives, breathes, and bleeds music, all in the hopes of inspiring, teaching and motivating others. The musical journey for Kylie is a lifelong dedication that has changed her as a person, performer, and human being.


The Beat Kidz

Orange County locals, The Beat Kidz, combine the excitement of live drums with the intensity of electronic music to create a unique live performance experience. Drummer, Duncan Johnson, hailing from London, grew up listening to artists similar to Blink 182 brings to the stage an aggressive punk rock drumming style. Nico Nendez who grew up in the Los Angeles rave scene captures audiences with bass heavy music through original tracks and remixes. Utilizing live drums on stage can be tricky with DJ transitions, however The Beat Kidz have worked out an easy system to both set up and tear down the drums without any interference.



- Debut EP - Man Vs Machine January 2013

- New Single "You Don't Get To Tell Me" Music Video Launch Feb 2013

- Confirmed Residency - February 2013

- Winners of Insomniac Events Discovery Project - Fall 2012

- Performance at Nocturnal Wonderland - September 2012

- Opened for Smash Gordon & Butch Clancy at The Roxy in Hollywood - December 2012


The Ryans


The Ryans were founded by Ryan Kerchner and Ryan London as an acoustic rock duo in the fall of 2011.  Both Ryans had played in prior bands together and had a considerable history writing music with one another.  By the summer of 2012, they had written a catalog of new original songs and developed a small following in Los Angeles.  In November of that year, they released their first EP, "Sandcastle Kingdom," and began the process of assembling a full 4-piece band.   2013 promises to be an exciting year for The Ryans.  They plan to perform as much as possible while continuing to write and record new original music, with a full-length album projected for the end of the year.  Musically, The Ryans are a versatile group with a wide range of influences, fusing alternative, hard rock, pop, jazz, and electronic music, and blending all of these genres to create music that is powerful, interesting, and fun. The Ryans are Ryan Kerchner on vocals and rhythm guitar, Ryan London on lead guitar, Eric Benke on bass, and Daniel Eckert on drums. 



Hannah Anders, Tyler Barabas & Nate Trott: JMWest LIVE! - Feb 16, 2012 8PM - ON THE ROX

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We are excited to welcome back to our showcases three terrific acts:


Hannah Anders   

Georgia girl Hannah Anders has been singing since she was a young child. Her life has been spent writing music, performing, and entertaining everyone from her family and friends, to audiences at county fairs and competitions. Her desire to really hone her skills as a writer and singer took her to Nashville, Tennessee, where she studied vocal performance at Belmont University and wrote with some of Nashville's top writers and producers. After six years in there, Hannah was ready for her next step as an artist--to hone her skills as a dynamic performer. She packed her bags and moved to Los Angeles where she auditioned and assembled a band that shared her passion for country music and high energy live shows. Alongside Los Angeles producer Daniel Ford, Hannah and her band created the EP "Turn It Up."   


The first single off the EP, "Trainwreck," was inspired by rocky relationships, and Hannah's powerful voice captivates you as she tells her tale through honest lyrics and an edgy arrangement. A country tune injected with a bit of rock wakes you up and grabs your attention. It is safe to say Hannah could be the newest female country star to shake things up in the music industry.   


It has been said that when it comes to her live show, Hannah rivals some of the most well-known country artists out there, that "she has an intensity and passion that few can rival." Thinking outside the box allows her the freedom to write and produce music that she feels will grab an audience's attention. They love her electrifying presence, her storytelling style, and her overall allure. Her EP "Turn It Up" is currently available at most digital storefronts, and her full-length album is set for release in 2013. 


Hannah Anders is a member of The Recording Artists Guild (RAG) in Los Angeles, California and Silver Z Management in Nashville, Tennessee. She and her team are currently working on her tour schedule. Dates and locations will be available on her website, as they are confirmed.



Tyler Barabas

Tyler Barabas comes to us from another musical mecca, Austin, TX, to further his endeavors in the City of Angels. An alumni of the University of Texas-Austin, he has been making waves as of late with his song, "The Perfect Place", a song with an excellent groove that utilize multiple percussive beats with minimalist guitar and soulful lyrics. He has recently been featured on KCSN 88.5 radio in Los Angeles, and will be returning for another eagerly anticipated performance at JMWest Live's next event on February 16, 2013. 



Nate Trott

Nate Trott's life did not start off as an underdog story. At a young age, a lot of people saw that he could go off and do great things. Nate still remembers the exact moment when his confidence blossomed: he was ten years old, playing basketball outside his house before the school bus came. Before he shot the ball, he said to himself, "This ball is going in that hoop." It did. Throughout his life, he's carried that moment with him.


Sometimes, one has to get through the storm to see the sunshine. Nate went through years when fights, breakups, arrests--you name it--were allthe norm. He came out of it a man determined to reach his destiny. He knew from the age of thirteen that he was going to become a rapper; he just had to battle some demons first. Now, Nate is ready to share his experience with the darker side of life through his music. His mission is to help people gain a different perspective. Join him on the journey.



Get more information Register Now! I can't make it Please join us for the first JMWest LIVE! Showcase of 2013.

We have an exciting line up of six great acts:

1.) Kylie Marcus

2.) Tyler Barabas

3.) Hannah Anders

4.) The Beat Kidz

5.) Nate Trott

6.) The Ryans


$10 for pre-sale tickets, $20 at the door.  Event is 21+  




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Please join us for the first JMWest LIVE! Showcase of 2013.


We have an exciting line up of six great acts:


1.) Kylie Marcus

2.) Tyler Barabas

3.) Hannah Anders

4.) The Beat Kidz

5.) Nate Trott

6.) The Ryans

Dear Amy,

Please join us for the first JMWest LIVE! Showcase of 2013.