JMWest LIVE! - JUNE 25, 2013 Showcase Review

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JMWest LIVE! - JUNE 25th Showcase Reveiw

By Keena Batti

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JMWest LIVE! presented yet another fantastic show on June 25th,t his time on the main stage of the Roxy. This was the three-year anniversary of the independent record label’s monthly showcases, so JMWest LIVE pulled out all the stops.

YouTube sensation Drew Tabor kicked off the evening with her beautiful voice and heart felt original songs. Her opening number, “Santa Monica,” instantly captivated her audience with its simple, yet striking lyrics: “You don’t understand I hate this place/You don’t understand I need my space.” Towards the end of her set, Drew played her YouTube hit, a cover of Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass,” but she ended the evening with her own version of a love song, “Magnetic Heart.”

Singer/songwriter Danielle Erin was up next, taking the stage with an additional guitarist to accompany her. She started off with an original, up beat song that was perfect for summer evening. She then went into a Don Henly cover—“Heart of the Matter”—which took on a whole new, creative vibe with Danielle’s powerful, jazzy voice. Danielle closed out her set with “Get Out of My Kitchen,” a song that really allowed Danielle to showcase her neo-soul abilities.

Following Danielle was soul singer Andre DePriest. Backed by a full band and DJ, DePriest brought a great R&B/funk sound to the Roxy stage. DePriest’s songs, while wonderfully contemporary, still called to mind the Motown music of the 50’s and 60’s. DePriest ended the set with a cover of Musiq Soulchild’s “Just Friends,” the song that inspired DePriest to be asinger.

Then, JMWest signed artist JUSTICE sang her Billboard hit song “By My Side” to continue the anniversary celebrations, once again proving why her song is moving up the charts.

Next up was Russian artist Tatiana Archangel, who took the stage with only a guitar and a percussionist. That was all Tatiana needed to fill the room with beautiful, authentic Russian music, however. Singing lyrics like, “No one will ever hold me like this again,” Tatiana had the whole room dancing and swaying. Despite the fact that some of her lyrics were in Russian, she never lost the audience’s attention, proving that music is an international language.

JMWest LIVE! regular Hannah Anders and the Hannah Anders Band played next. Hannah performed at the very first JMWest LIVE! showcase, and her performance showed just why she keeps getting invited back.  Her high-energy, country songs had the whole room singing along to lyrics like, “Hell yeah, turn it up!” Hannah’s confident stage presence kept all eyes on her throughout her set filled with down-home, country rock music.

Brazilian band MarBella followed Hannah, once again bringing the music of a different culture to the main stage. Their Latin American rhythms fused with samba and bossanova were wonderfully reminiscent of other big bands like Pink Martini. With a singer, classical guitar, keys, drums, anda bass ukelele, MarBelle created a beautifully unique sound for the Roxy audience.

Closing out the night were three Russian-influenced bands, Proseka, Bratana and Long Day Too Short. Their high volume sets kept the energy goinginto the early morning hours and certainly ended the evening on a high note.

June’s showcase was truly a celebration of how much JMWestLIVE has grown over the past three years. We hope to see you all at the next showcase on Thursday August 15, 2013, 7:30PM,  back at The Roxy Theatre mainstage for another night filled with fantastic live music!




May 25th, 2013 - JMWest LIVE! Showcase Review by Keena Batti

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JMWest LIVE took over On The Rox again on May 25th, 2013—and for the last time! May’s showcase artists proved that they have too much energy for the upstairs venue; next month, JMWest Live will be moving toThe Roxy’s main stage!

First up was Columbian artist Daniel Jimenez Afanador, backed by his incredible band. The septet combined an alternative, slightly aesthetic sound with Spanish language influences, creating a uniquely authentic sound.  The band’s guitarist took some solos that showed his talent and added a grittiness to the band’s overall sound. Lyrics like “We all want to be the same/We all want to have a name/We all want to fall in love,” had the audience moving to Daniel and his band mates.

Next, AJ the Kid kept the energy going with his catchy backing tracks and on-point rapping. With his first song, AJ declared, “Hope your speaker’s on, I plan to take them higher”—and he certainly did not disappoint. After getting the crowd completely involved in his lyrics, and even walking into his adoring audience, AJ ended his set by inviting a guitarist onto stage and adding some serious distortion to his sound.

San Diego-based band Danny and the Tramp then took the stage with their feel-good attitude. The guys seemed totally comfortable with each other, playing a new original song in front of an audience for the first time with complete ease.  By the time Danny and the Tramp got to their last song, American Dream, the band had the entire crowd singing along to their catchy, anthemic tune.

JMWest signed artist RuZanna was up next, singing two of her beautiful songs to introduce the “Russians On The Rox” portion of the evening.  RuZanna’s voice seamlessly transitioned between sultry gentleness and unmistakable power, keeping all eyes on her.  Her honest lyrics and slight Kazakhstani accent was the perfect, tender prelude to the memorial that was to follow.

Tatiana Archangel ushered in the final portion of the evening, a loving tribute to former JMWest LIVE performer, Igor Khramov. Igor, who tragically passed away this past March, was respected by all in the Russian music community. In order to pay tribute to his memory, Tatiana, along with several other Russian bands, played some of Igor’s favorite songs, as well assome of his moving originals. From hardcore metal to traditional Russian music,Tatiana Achangel, Afrofena, Proseka, Bratana and Long Day Too Short each, in turn, honored Igor in their own, unique way with their own, unique sound. The audience, filled with Igor’s friends and family, seemed to agree a night filled with music was perfect way to remember a man who truly enjoyed sharing music with everyone.

Be sure to check out next month’s show on TUESDAY June 25th, 2013 DOWNSTAIRS on the main stage of The Roxy!



REVIEW - JULY 21, 2012 SHOWCASE:Lindsey Harper, Taylor Carroll, MarBella, Sunday lane, Tom Norman, FeatsofFetus

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July21st JMWest LIVE! Showcase Review



Tom Norman

With his smooth voice and seductive lyrics, this kid really stood out. Despite some mild preshow jitters, Tom Norman quickly settled into a certain level of calm that meshed well with his acoustic rock sound. Once he felt the love from the crowd, who responded warmly, he really came into his own and put on a great show that impressed everyone.



Lindsey Harper

Lindsey Harper came out with loud, soulful, and powerful lyrics. Her band’s energy was electric; it’s fun to witness to a band that is confident and truly believes in their music. Her bass player jammed out on a ukulele--gotta love that! My head was bobbing to every song! On her third song, Lindsey brought the pace down with a ballad dedicated to her best friend that passed away. She had a lot of passion and sorrow in her voice, which really made it easy to feel her pain. Her fourth song shot right back up tempo, however, and really brought the house down with its fun, soulful lyrics.



Sunday Lane

When Sunday Lane first took the stage, my thoughts turned to how hard it would be to follow Lindsey Harper, but Sunday Lane definitely proved me wrong. It always amazes me how many talented bands are out there, and Sunday Lane is certainly one of them, with deep lyrics and a unique sound. Aside from their first song, where a guitar accompanied, the band was comprised of only a keyboard and a violin, an exciting change of pace. The two instruments made for a different, but great, performance that really complimented their voices. Overall, Sunday Lane delivered a very cool, slow paced sound, playing to their strengths and making for yet another solid performance.




Combining a number of different genres of music, this band is all about showing the world a new sound—a sound they created themselves. On top of that, all of their songs were sung in Portuguese. It’s almost hard not to like their music on that basis alone! Add a great voice and great musicians backing her up and you have MarBella. A really smooth guitar solo and some on stage dancing proved that this band loves to be on stage. They had a great time and so did everyone in the room!



Taylor Carroll

Taylor Carroll immediately came out with a hard rock sound using some hard guitar riffs and strong lyrics. The first two songs were quick paced and a lot of fun to jam to. There are not many negative things you can say about these guys and even if you did they wouldn’t change anything. They love their style and sound and this made for another confident on-stage performance. I really enjoyed the sound they pulled out with all acoustic guitars. Merge all this great guitar playing with a great voice that went perfectly with their punkrock sound, then throw in some excellent percussion and you have one enjoyable set from Taylor Carroll. One of their songs had the crowd singing the chorus with them – even those who had never heard it before! Despite all the great performances throughout the night, this band had the most energetic response from the crowd.





Before FeastofFetus went on stage, everyone knew that they meant business--based on their looks alone. With a name like theirs, it was no surprise when they came out hard. FeastofFestus were a real headbangers with some pretty dark lyrics. Individuality, as a term, doesn’t do this band justice; every person in the band brought his or her own style to the stage. And the instruments they employed were in keeping with this theme, right down to the accordion. What was most impressive, however, was their ability to combine everything into a very exciting, tight, and unique sound. They had one of the best drummers I have ever heard and they definitely finished out the night strong.

Great Job to all the bands!  You all put on a great show!  Thanks for being a part of the JMWest LIVE! Showcase!  Thanks also to Jean-Michel Soupraya and The Roxy for hosting the event.  Hope everyone had fun and I hope to see you back next month. 

-By Scott Newman


LIVE MUSIC REVIEW: JMWest LIVE! Showcase - April 21, 2012

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On Saturday, April 21st, JMWest LIVE! once again took center stage at On The Rox.  Given the major music festival going on simultaneously in LA, the Sunset Strip was fairly empty.  Aside from a smaller crowd, the showcase provided quality music with a more intimate setting for the bands to interact with their fans.


JMWest Entertainment signed artist RuZANNA made a special guest appearance with a short set to debut a few of her new songs.  She performed two beautifully choreographed songs solo, and closed out her performance with an electric number accompanied by two of her dancers.  As always, RuZANNA radiated beautiful vocals, class, and elegance.


Gonzalo De La Torre continued with a soothing mix of English and Spanish tunes. Rocking a set accompanied by a mandolin and back up vocals, Gonzalo showed why he is an award-winning artist.  He closed out his set with a heartfelt dedication to a special someone.


Fresh off the heels of a few international shows, Mr. Fari brought his reggae inspired tunes to the stage.  The crowd embraced his music and applauded his catchy melodies and clean vocals.  Mr. Fari’s “Webcam Girl” which was a lighthearted parody of  how dependent society can be on the Internet, was clearly a crowd favorite.


Daniel Jimenez Afanador, a Columbian artist, took the stage as a 3-piece band. Given his past success in the music industry, Daniel gave a solid show that did not disappoint.  With his strong guitar and vocals, he delivered a pro performance, fitting in perfectly as the night went along


Normally backed by his full band, Jon Magnificent gave an intimate acoustic performance that showcased the stand-alone strength of his voice.  Staying true to his style, Jon Magnificent’s guitar was decked out with “Steampunk” swagger. 


The Miracals were the first non-acoustic band of the night after RuZANNA. Rocking happy vibes and cheery melodies, their dual vocals complemented each other well.  With a sound reminiscent of Vampire Weekend, The Miracals got a great response from the crowd as well as industry attendees.


Wait For Green closed out the night with a solid set that kept the crowd in the room, excitedly comparing the vocals to many a favorite lead singer.    The tight, groovy, good-energy sound of the band supported that remarkable voice perfectly.


May 26th is the next JMWest LIVE! showcase, with a favorite returning artist who was part of one of the first JMWest LIVE! showcases, so stay tuned for more info…


REVIEW - JMWest LIVE! Showcase - March 24th, 2012

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After a long week of work, Saturday nights are usually reserved for a night out on the town with friends, drinks, and great music.  For those who were able to make it to the JMWest LIVE! showcase Saturday night at On The Rox, the attendees clearly were treated to all three.  Of the many JMWest LIVE! showcases throughout the past two years, this particular night had, by far, the biggest crowd participation of all.  This is very special for the bands performing, as the ultimate goal for any artist is to connect with their fans, as well as gain new ones.  The eclectic lineup ensured that nobody on stage sounded the same.

Opening the showcase, Tyler Barabas, now a seasoned JMWest LIVE! performer, took the stage accompanied by a bass player and a percussionist.  Adding another element to his usual solo show, Tyler charmed the crowd with music infused with folk and country inspired vibes.  Tyler ended his set with his creative song "The Perfect Place," in which he taps his guitar while also strumming and playing harmonics.

Making the trek down from Fresno, California, Clouds Like Mountains took the stage next.  Mixing powerful guitar riffs, synthesized tones and double bass drums, their music painted a picture of a powerpop band inspired by early Taking Back Sunday. Harmonizing between lead and backup vocals, the crowd couldn't help but nod their heads and smile to the music.  This promising young band has a lot of potential to break into the music scene that is alive on Sunset.

With their second appearance, MarBella once again captivated the audience with their beautifully smooth Latin American tunes.  Testing the crowd's dance moves, their graceful performance kept the night going strong.  It is always a pleasure to be in the room when MarBella is on stage.

Picking up the energy, Random Citizens had the crowd pumping their fists in excitement.  Led by Marvel The Gr8, Random Citizens commanded the crowd the entire thirty minutes they were on stage, with the crowd responding well.  Taking the stage with an MC, drummer, and DJ's, they successfully entertained and brought positive energy to a great night.

Honor Flow Productions brought a similar vibe, fusing hip hop with a full band complete with brass and percussion.  Reminiscent of the Roots, HFP turned up the volume for a solid performance.

Closing out the night, The Mad Musician brought a new style never before seen at a JMWest LIVE! showcase.  Opening his set with "Tecktonic" a clear crowd favorite, The Mad Musician took chest thumping beats to a different level with is powerful voice and charismatic stage presence.  For those that left early, you truly missed out.

With another solid showcase in the books, stay tuned for the lineup of the April 21st showcase at On The Rox to be announced very soon!

REVIEW - January 26th, 2012 JMWest LIVE! Showcase - ON THE ROX

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2012 is set to be a big year for JMWest Entertainment.  JMWest LIVE! is a big contributor to that kicking off of the year with a lot of excitement and buzz.  A good mixture of returning artists and new unsigned artists is a key ingredient to what has made JMWest LIVE! so successful, as well as to the good music.


Bringing a fresh new style to the stage, MarBella wooed the crowd with their romantic tunes and graceful style.  With the lyrics sung in Portuguese, upon hearing the music, one couldn’t help but smile.  With the smooth sound of the nylon strings and sexy vocals, MarBella made their presence known.


Returning for another showcase, Gonzalo De La Torre was perfect as the second performer.  This time without a full band, Gonzalo was armed with just an acoustic guitar and his voice. Singing a mixture of Spanish and English, Gonzalo kept the crowd swaying with his unique style of music and positive energy.


Picking up the tempo, JMWest Entertainment signed artist JUSTICE gave the crowd something they wouldn’t forget.  Starting off with a tribute to the late Etta James, JUSTICE powerfully sang “At Last” acapella.  With her band by her side, she then followed up with a ballad and her reggae inspired tune “By My Side.”  After a quick restructuring of the stage, her beautiful dancers accompanied her to perform her debut single “Find A Way.”  Currently on the radio, and soon to be on iTunes, JUSTICE is here to stay.


Thick as Thieves were next to take the stage and continue with great music.  Thick as Thieves had a very edgy combination of keys, acoustic guitar, drums, and percussion, mixed with melodies and rap verses. Definitely appealing to the crowd, their performance was very high energy and unique.


Performing for her second time as a JMWest Entertainment signed artist, RuZANNA took center stage with her band to perform a few songs that she is currently recording for her debut album.  Looking stunning on stage, her beautiful voice and heartfelt lyrics were complemented well by the precise notes of her band.


Wrapping up the night, another crowd favorite Los Tumbados returned to another JMWest LIVE! showcase.  Hailing from Los Angeles, their gritty style of in-your-face riffs and powerful songs, such as “Ike Turner,” inspire you to do what you love.  It is apparent that music is their passion as they give it their all through every note and every lyric.


Stay tuned for more to come in 2012 as the next JMWest LIVE! showcase is set for Saturday March 24th back at On The Rox.


December 17th - JMWest LIVE!, On The Rox REVIEW for

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When music lovers hit the Sunset strip for a live show, they generally are provided with good music.  Saturday night’s JMWest LIVE! showcase provided, once again, a consistently top notch, high energy show.  Deemed “The Best of The Best” the showcase featured three crowd favorites from past showcases, as well as two special guest performances.


Mike Cionni kicked off the night with a packed crowd of supporters and fans.  Playing a set of new songs, as well as pulling songs from his recent year-long online music blog, Mike strapped on his electric guitar to accompany his drummer for 30 minutes of smooth, bluesy, rock n’ roll.  With a set reminiscent of The Black Keys at times, the crowd demanded an encore at the end of his set--yet another reason why Mike earned his spot in the “Best of The Best” showcase.

Hitting the stage second, JMWest Entertainment signed artist RuZANNA gave the audience a sneak peek of what is to come from her and her band.  Having not released any music yet, it is always a challenge for artists to play songs people don’t know, and keep their attention.  RuZANNA had no trouble with this, impressing the crowd with her beautiful voice and eloquent melodies. 

Keeping with the good vibes, Oceanside Sound System once again brought their unique style of music to West Hollywood.  No stage is ever safe when O.S.S steps to the front.  Reppin’ their city, songs such as “This Town” elicited dancing and raised drinks.  There was not a single foot that wasn't tapping throughout the entirety of their set.

Hailing from the South, The Hannah Anders Band channeled their roots through their music.  Led by the beautiful Hannah Anders, her powerful voice and high notes demanded attention.  Rocking their ever popular tune, “Turn It Up,” The Hannah Anders Band had the crowd yelling, “hell yah!”

Closing out the night, JMWest Entertainment signed artist JUSTICE had the crowd screaming for her before she even stepped on stage.  Her highly anticipated performance featured an a capella opening, followed by two songs with a full band.  After a short change, JUSTICE pumped out her debut single “Find A Way” accompanied by her team of dancers.  The set offered a glimpse into the versatility and power in her voice, as well as her abilities.  Be sure to stay on the lookout for much more from JUSTICE.

With the next JMWest LIVE! showcase scheduled for January 26th at On The Rox, stay tuned for more details about the lineup and artists.